⚜ Requirements To Unlock Your First Go-Share ⚜

Requirements To Unlock Go-Shares

NOTE: You receive ONE (1) free IMMORTAL Go-Share upon account creation. This share cannot be sold and pays dividends forever, effective immediately. The IMMORTAL Go-Share virtually represents the XAT, or inverse tax. The XAT is set forth by the KING for the people of this good land. It can be thought of as a basic income for the people, or a universal citizen's dividend. The IMMORTAL Go-Share is priced at $200 but cannot be sold. However for every person YOU refer who creates an account, YOU receive ONE additional Go-Share also valued at $200... IF they remain an active user. ALL extra shares pay EQUAL dividends FOREVER, or until sold. However, in order to sell a share, there are a few minor requirements. Requirements are 100% monetarily free, and 0% time-free; meaning we demand but a few minutes of YOUR TIME, before said shares can be sold back to the bank for the set price of $200 OR to other individuals at any price. Read on to see these minor requirements!

$ NOTE: Go-shares partially represent a calculation of a user’s future worth to the bank over many years, both in ad dollars and bank fees. By comparison, Facebook values each individual user at $158, and Amazon at $733. (per. Arkenea.com)

REQUIREMENT: It's time to make banking more social and empower more people with personal bank ownership. Did you know that Banking is THE highest paid profession in the world? It's time you profited from this industry. To do this, you must make yourself a valuable, connected part of the network.

"With no network, you have no net worth!" ~ Who said this?

STEP 1: Your task is simple. Please register for and create basic accounts with all the services below. (Give good details of your business, and include decent pictures of yourself actually at work or of finished products.) Do this on all listed social networks. Open a new account only if you do not yet already have accounts set up with these networks! You DO NOT have to use these networks very often, but as a smart businessman and marketer of your own products & services, you eventually might as well - each network can bring you future customers!

Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Discord | Telegram

STEP 2: Go BACK to each network, and add/follow MyCryptoBank. Each time, write something positive or helpful on one of our more recent posts.

STEP 3: Simply message us when you are done on the network of your choice! We will then check to ensure you indeed followed these steps, and then unlock your shares for trading!

That's it! You're done!
Your shares will now be unlocked and available for trading on the SHARE MARKET (Coming Soon!)

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  Requirements To Unlock Go-Shares