⚜️ Best Crypto Exchanges ⚜️

Best Crypto Exchanges

So, you are looking to purchase some cryptocurrency, eh? That's a smart move!

🔖 Bookmark this page, or our home page news feed, rather than having to bookmark each exchange individually! These crypto exchanges are your best bet at buying Bitcoin, or any other crypto; with cash, fiat, or USD. Start with crypto.com and then maybe try bitstamp.net, until you find the one that approves you the fastest - that is, if you are in a rush! Bitstamp is known to allow generally larger ACH transactions, but like most exchanges there will be a minimum 5 business day hold. Crypto.com allows you to buy and withdraw cryptocurrency fast with a debit card. Good luck finding an exchange that suits you!

⚖️ Crypto.com
⚖️ Kucoin
⚖️ Bitstamp
⚖️ Binance
⚖️ Coinbase
⚖️ Kraken

⚖️ More Exchanges:

Bilaxy - Good for AKITA.
BKEX - Good for KISHU.
Coinsbit - Not USA friendly!
Coinzoom - Good BTC Debit Card!
LAToken - Not USA friendly!
Phemex - Can pay 0% fees with membership.
Robinhood - Cannot send out Crypto, but free stock!


Let's not make a lengthy guide on the use of exchanges - each exchange has a different layout. Here is a checklist of simple rules you need to always review when joining any exchange, especially new and lesser known exhanges:

• Always set up 2FA Google / Authy authenticator with each exchange to keep hackers out.

• Always set up KYC identy verification for larger withdrawals. This is usually under your account settings.

• Test a small amount of coin before you send a large amount, just to be safe. This is usually under assets or wallet.

• Before buying anything else, buy the exchange's underlying token: BNB for binance, KCS for Kucoin, BIA for bilaxy etc. Then check "pay with this token for fees" before buying other tokens, to save on fees up to 50%~74% off in many cases!

• Never store all your Bitcoin on ANY one exchange! Remember Mt. Gox? One of the biggest nightmares / horror stories any bitcoin veteran can tell you is the story of Mt. Gox. Many Bitcoin and Crypto enthusiasts quiver at the mere mention of this name. BLINDLY ASSUME that any exchange can be hacked. Most exchanges ran by experts are secure and do not get hacked, or if they do they repay their users lost funds from their own profits. Because exchanges are so profitable, they DO want to stay legit, hence why it is safe to even use online exchanges in the first place. But always keep your trade-worthy tokens in 5+ different exchanges and also some in a personal wallet, so incase one thing collapses, it's not a gut shot to you.

🚫 Exchanges to Avoid - Boycott these!

These exchanges have unlawfully frozen or closed people's accounts in the past. Be extremely careful when using, or avoid altogether! Especially avoid paypal and cashapp. They are the devil. Do not give unethical businesses your business.

• Coinbase - closes accounts, still ok to use for "earn" airdrops, but otherwise do not buy here!
• Paypal - freezes peoples accounts, many merchants have had funds locked over 90 days. Do not use! Startup businesses have lost millions thanks to Paypal.
• Cashapp - unlawfully closes accounts, no trial no jury.
• Gemini - closes accounts with no explanation.

Has an exchange wronged you? Comment below so we can ban them!

Do not use Gemini
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