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Decentralized Social Networks

Decentralized Social Networks will soon be all the rage!

Do you think facebook and twitter will forever be the "kings" of social media? What with all the recent censorship and social "justice" tyranny? Catering in a tail wag the dog fashion for individuals who feel "offended" at merely seeing someone elses "truth" or honest opinion - and thus scrubbing the content. Censoring even hides evidence, and hinders FBI and Police from investigating criminals - because even criminals are human, dumb, and vocal about their "ideas" yet now anything deemed "inappropriate" is quickly removed from 1984book and Ausch-twitzer... This will actually lead to an increase in crime. It also hinders the good and honest common people, ever more greatly... What ever happened to freedom of speech? Most of my friends, and myself, have been banned over petty verbage in a very controlling, authoritative, kindergarten way. I even have a shadow ban, which means my own family does not see my posts. Never have I even posted anything remotely violent or offensive. I had a post about "Garlic alleviating Covid symtpoms" removed and a dictatorial warning issued by this "service."

My friends, it is time we join a MASS EXODUS away from facebook and into a promised land of decentralized social media. These websites literally PAY you in free cryptocurrencies for posting... AND for liking and commenting on other people's posts. How is this possible? Remember, your ATTENTION is worth money. Wherever you place your attention, you are investing time, thought and energy. The entire world could easily be changed rapidly by simply a majority of humans placing their attention on the same thing all at once.

Decentralized social media posts are encrypted and copied across many servers. THEY CANNOT BE DELETED. They cannot be censored. They last forever...

LET THIS BE YOUR REVALATION - and the BEGINNING OF YOUR EXODUS INTO THE GOLDEN ERA of ideas, art, riches and technology.

👥 Here are the top 4 Decentralized Social Media sites you should use:

WARNING! Tutorial videos for these are not yet available. Be brave and explore these with courage on your own or with friends... then comment and vote your favorites here!

Another new social network is launching, still in beta: SoMee

A decentralized search engine is already running strong: PreSearch

A decentralized web browser is faster and more secure than google chrome: Brave Browser


• Always set up 2FA Google / Authy authenticator with each site to keep hackers out.

• Be sure to copy your message from one source and post it to all your social whenever you want to spread the word about something!

• Try to add friends from relevant communities from these sites. Anyone who might be interested in the same topics as you.

• Have a crypto based network you like that we did not mention? Comment it below!



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