⚜️ By Popular Demand: Buy the Samurai Matrix Moonshot (MXS) through MyCryptoBank ⚜️

Buy the Samurai Matrix Moonshot (MXS) through MyCryptoBank
Art by King Tyler VVS

MyCryptoBank is doing a one time gig for early investors and friends of the head developer, King Tyler VVS. If you are unable to access Binance in your state, you may purchase ALGO and stake with us for 7~9%. You may also purchase Matrix Samurai (MXS) through us. We will be selling 50% of our initial MXS pool once the coin has 10x'd or gone up 1000%. The rest we will hold forever, or until you cash out. Watch the below video for more info:

Algorand is looking like a really good token to own. The fees are far less than with Bitcoin, ETH or BNB. Recent news shows that a major healthcare provider from Bermuda is looking to purchase $800,000,000 worth of Algo, which would boost the price of the coin by an easy 30%.

NEWS: Algorand could soon process up to $800 million in healthcare costs in Bermuda.

View the Algorand Market Capital Chart HERE.

Deposit ALGO to buy MCB tokens, to stake ALGO at 7% APY, OR to pool funds for MXS Matrix Samurai.

Pooling funds means that we pay less fees collectively when swapping. It also means YOU can buy and relax, not having to watch the market in your free time. We will sell when the time is appropriate, and ride the waves to the best of our ability. Our goal is to sell 50% of our MXS supply once the price has gone up 1000% or 10x from our original buy in. The rest we will hold long term or until you request a withdrawal. You may choose to trade MXS yourself... if so you will need to send ETH to your own Metamask wallet instead.

MCB Deposit Address:



ETH ~ 0x7b65668A84D41373BedE65C2D8BdF341cC064D66


Buy MCB tokens for 75% off. ICO price = $200, Presale price = $50 for phase 1. 25,000 token supply at this level. The ICO price will be listed for $200 on Feb 22, 2022, so this is a guaranteed 400% long term gain.*

Buy ALGO or ETH on any exchange and send to our deposit address to stake as ALGO. Good 30 ~ 200% gains in the near future.*

Buy MXS also by depositing ALGO or ETH. These will also stake until withdrawn. NO PRESALE = Potentially 1000% gains. WARNING - MXS may have been rug pulled. Wait to buy this token.*

* This is not investment advice, and we are not liable for downtrends in the market.

1% for ALGO staking through us.
10% off the final gains from MXS upon withdrawal.
1% or $1.50 minimum to send balances to anyone.
1% to withdraw.

Once you deposit ALGO to the MCB deposit address, message King Tyler VVS on facebook.

In your message, please include:
1. (the transaction ID of your investment.)
2. (the ALGO or ETH address you sent from.)
3. (How many $50 MCB tokens you want to buy.)
4. (What remaining %, if any, you want staked as ALGO.)
5. (What remaining %, if any, you want staked as MXS.)

View our Bitcoin sales reputation at the bottom of our whitepaper.

View the MCB advantages and our Roadmap on our homepage.

Do it yourself requirements:

Buy ETH from one of the listed exchanges.
Download Metamask.
• Send ETH to your Metamask wallet address.
Buy MXS using Uniswap.

MXS Contract Address: 0x632fd938b98d740faee69112ed41257be3f83c7c

MXS TOKEN EXPLORE (rugpull, last transaction was 13:30 6/12/2021)

Matrix Samurai Website

MXS Telegram

MXS launch time is 9:30 am CST on uniswap, SAT June 12, 2021.


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             Buy the Samurai Matrix Moonshot (MXS) through MyCryptoBank