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Open Alexa Tools
Art by King Tyler VVS

🤖 🧰 🛠 OAT = Open Alexa Tools for everything Open Alexa Protocol and Ether Lite. How to swap, how to build, and how to do loads of other cool things are all taught here! Grab your daily dose of healthy OATS here in this OAT oasis! 😂 🏝 🤣

🦊 📑 ⛓ Metamask OAP Contract and ETL Chain

FOR OAP: In metamask assets, scroll down and click "ADD TOKEN" then "CUSTOM TOKEN" and input the below contract address:

Symbol: OAP
Decimals: 18

FOR ETL: Click the Mainnet button at the top of Metamask. Scroll to the bottom of that list and click "Custom RPC" - this can only be done on PC/MAC! If using a phone, you will need to click the pancake symbol on the top left, then settings, networks, add network.

Metamask EtherLite Mainnet

🤖 🔄 💰 How to Swap OAP for ETL

• Make sure you are using Metamask on a PC or laptop. Do not use phones!
🦊 ➡️ 🖥 or 💻 … 🚫 📲

• Do you have OAP tokens and ETL mainnet added to your metamask? If no, see above.

• Select Ethereum Mainnet in your wallet and visit swap.openalexa.com.

• Transfer how many OAP you desire. EDIT the gas fee to fastest and confirm the transaction!

• If you do not receive your ETL within 24 hours, contact @oapsupport on telegram.

• WARNING! ALL other admins are fake / scammers! Be careful!

• NEVER give out your private keys or seed phrases to ANYONE!


📲 💻 🦊 How to Import Phone to PC Metamask

• Click the Pancake symbol, then "Settings", then "Privacy" and finally "Reveal Private Keys"!

• Copy private keys and import them on a PC or MAC Metamask browser extension. (Pie Chart, Import Account.)

• Alternatively, ADD a new account on your Metamask browser extension, and send OAP from your phone here.

• Make sure to add the OAP custom token contract address and Etherlite Mainnet to your new wallet!


🏎 🗣 📲 ZOOM Meeting Times

🕛 🗺 👧🏾 Time Zone CalculaDora

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